Steel Fabricators offers steel fabrication services for both industrial and commercial construction projects nationwide. With CNC fabrication equipment to facilitate economical and precise fabrication performance, Steel Fabricators provides fabricated steel for a wide array of construction projects.



Our in-house engineer manages the detailing & engineering resources to facilitate the engineering services necessary to complete detailing of all projects in erectable sequences.  Shop drawings are produced in SDS/2, TEKLA, or Steel CAD with data transfers to the CNC Shop Equipment used to cut, drill, punch, shear, & flame cut copes in all steel members.



Steel Fabricators utilizes FABTROL Fabrication software to manage information flow for the fabrication operations.  FABTROL provides state of the art technology including estimating material cost & shop man hours, to controlling inventory & assuring material traceability, as well as facilitating the data flow into the CNC shop equipment.  FABTROL software is updated regularly as new technology develops.  Steel Fabricators maintains a secure FTP site for drawing transfer and utilizes bar code tagging at the customer’s request.    


Our Mission

We are committed to quality. Our mission statement is to "Produce quality steel delievered on time."   

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AISC Certified